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Several years of experience in the tourism industry and important business relationships with leading service providers in our Nation, allows us to offer excellent products and travel solutions to your customers.

Welcome MICE Italy operates in Italy having among its customers leading names in the tour operation business, from North Europe to Latin America, through the United States and the Middle East.

Our company trust is to offer quality services and attention to the customer needs.

Customization and attention to detail allow us to offer high quality products always having clear value for money concept.

The services offered, starting from a single individual transfer to guided tour with guaranteed departures in the most famous Italian destinations of tourist attraction through Airport services, official guides, hotel bookings and contracting consulting for tourism services.


Planning business events across the Italy, Slovenia
We bring our A-game to every event we organise and will tailor it entirely to your needs. Whether it is a conference, gala dinner or incentive trip you are looking for, we are here to help you out. We started out where the Heart of the History and the Dolce Vita are: The Italy. We are based in three different cities: Milan, Rome and Geneva.


Unique & tailored service for every client we serve
• Multilingual Staff (English, French, Spanish and Russian)
• Personalized and tailor-made service for groups and individual clients, incentive programs, M.I.C.E., charters, and special interest arrangements.
• Incoming Italy, Incoming Slovenia
• Personalized with our transportations cars


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Welcome MICE Italy works with the best professionals in the field.

We have strong partnerships with caterers, venues and decorators; provide unique experiences, and have therefore built a great selection of businesses who can help us deliver just that. Check this out!

WMI is more than proud to present a sneak preview of what could be your next event. Our clients have experienced our unique approach on their events in multiple ways. With great results!


The only marketing type that allow you to meet your client face to face is an event. The impact on your business can be huge, as many companies get the largest part of their hot leads through corporate events! We know you must be busy enough already, which is why we focus on delivering you a hassle-free event.


An event always has an impact on the hosting company, as well as all other people involved. Therefore it is necessary to deliver the best quality in products and service. We assure an answer on any question you might have, which wil result in a smooth and successful event.


"Everybody knows but not everybody does". We strongly believe creating sustainable events is one of our key responsibilities as an event agency. Figuring out how to plan sustainable events for your business can be overwhelming. We would therefore love to advise you on how to implement this into your next event.

Welcome MICE Italy

Why CHOOSE Italy


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Emilia Romagna




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Amalfi Coast


Italy is the perfect destination for Business Tourism, with its many international airports, the modern and prestigious infrastructures that guarantee high-quality service, innumerable events throughout the year, breathtaking landscapes. All this provide the perfect backdrop for incentive motivational trips that are enriched by its beauty and comfortable facilities. As a choice Italy is an all round winner. A magical context where spectacular locations plus the imagination and efficiency of the Italian MICE operators combine to create the perfect premise for events at the highest level. It’s no wonder that the Bel Paese stands out as one of the favorite places for congressional tourism. The Bel Paese is an excellent choice of location for congresses, meetings and conventions.

1. Accessible

Situated at the Centre of the Mediterranean in a privileged geographic position and on numerous air and sea routes, Italy is thus a symbol of accessibility. The main international airports such as Roma Fiumicino and Milano Malpensa provide easy daily connections with the world’s principal destinations while the rail and road networks facilitate the movement of large numbers of tourists from place to place within the country.

• 40 International Airports
• 2286 Main Train Stations
• 689 Touristic Ports
• 6500 Km of High Ways

2. Livable

Many international tourists choose Italy as a destination specifically for the varied tourism initiatives which the country offers. Thanks to the countless cultural excellences for which it is renowned, in particular the great museums, art galleries, music, craftsmanship and above all the celebrated and unmistakable local cuisine, Italy gives the visitor a unique and unforgettable sensorial experience which makes it a distinguished world-class destination.

3. Sustainable

Food recycling gets underway through the project “Food for Good – from Meetings to Solidarity”. Food has always been one of Italy’s major attractions and as from today there is one more reason why good food can make a difference during events in Italy. An important project for the recycling of surplus food at conferences and events, named FOOD FOR GOOD–From meetings to solidarity, jointly carried out by Federcongressi&eventi as well as by the non¬profit organizations Banco Alimentare and Equoevento, is under way in the whole of the Italian meetings industry. Meal times, during conferences, congresses or events, are a great opportunity for conviviality and sociability, where taste, high quality and abundance are the stars. Should it happen that not all the food is consumed, the excess can be retrieved for the purpose of social solidarity.

Because some like to feel at home when they are travelling and others prefer a complete change of scenery, our travel professionals have the expertise to advise on the best hotels. Our guests will enjoy the luxurious range of hotels all carefully selected to suit their personal taste.

Our hotels belong to the very best five star hotels in Italy and selected on three themes: Art, Relaxation and Summertime. Each category features establishments from various regions of Italy and to be included in our selection, each hotel must meet our very strict criteria.

The strong business and personal relationship we have developed with these hotels will guarantee customer satisfaction and flexible reservations. Our clients will especially appreciate our exclusive amenities, such as complimentary upgrades, welcome cocktails, special views and much more.

Many travellers choose to visit Italy to fulfil their passion for opera, classical music, ballet or dance. Others are eager to attend a sporting event or take part in a folk festival full of tradition, culture and great food.

Wherever your heart takes you, our luxury travel agents are here to secure the best seats for you even for major events. From the Arena in Verona to La Scala in Milan and from the Greek theatre in Taormina to the Caracalla bath in Rome, they will make sure our clients enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

In Italy there are many world famous festivals and local events such as the historical regatta and carnival of Venice, the Palio in Siena, the Orvieto music festival and many more. Our team is here to organise the perfect trip which will satisfy your every needs.

Welcome M.I.C.E. Italy boasts luxury accommodations with stunning villas and superb castles, all located in the most famous regions of Italy. Our company has access to some of the most enchanting properties in the Veneto, Liguria, Toscana, Sardinia, Lake District, Umbria, Amalfi Coast areas and many more. Thanks to our extensive list of properties all over Italy, we can offer our guests the best location whether they arrive by private helicopter or by yacht.

All the properties on our books are refined and elegant. They feature either a modern Italian design or a classic style with antique furniture. . We can also provide maid services and private chefs on request.

Upon arrival, a guide will greet our guests and help them settle in comfortably. They will also provide them with all the necessary information to enjoy a wonderful stay.

At Welcome M.I.C.E. Italy , we have all the knowledge, negotiation skills and experience to represent clients looking to buy properties or looking for long term rentals.

Italian art is famous worldwide and some visitors like to experience it at its best. From the Vatican museums in Rome, to the Vasari Corridor in Florence or the Last Supper in Milan, Welcome Mice Italy can organize any exclusive visit and provide the best multilingual guides. Whatever the museum, private residence or archaeological site, you will avoid crowds and see the greatest works of art your own way.

For the most important day of your life, whether you are looking for a simple, romantic getaway or planning a large party with family and friends, Welcome M.I.C.E. Italy has the expertise to fulfill all your dreams and to organize memorable luxury weddings.

After many years working in wedding planning, we have established wonderful working relationships with the best venues in Italy, and are always looking for new special locations.

Welcome M.I.C.E. Italy will make sure your wedding abroad is a truly magical day. Whether you are looking to organise a civilian, protestant, catholic or non-denominational marriage in Italy we will tailor your perfect day down to the last detail to provide you with everlasting emotions.

Let us plan for you a wedding fit for a king in Italy!

A superb yachting holiday is everyone’s dream and we can help make this dream come true.

Welcome M.I.C.E. Italy offers a large selection of yachts from leading international brands including, Riva, Azimut, Pershing, Senseekers and many more. For those who love sailing we can charter catamarans, monohull or historic sailboats and provide a specialized team with an experienced captain, a crew and a chef to make your holiday as carefree and relaxing as possible.

Unfurl the sails and let the wind carry you to new shores.

Whether you want to discover the beauties of Italy from above or whether you need a fast means of transport we can offer helicopter tours or helicopter transfers.

Wherever you are, you can enjoy our new, safe and comfortable equipment operated by professional and experienced pilots.

Let your dreams take off.