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Welcome MICE Italy

We care about Sustainability

01. Eco-friendly materials

We strongly believes in sustainability development, paying attention to the care of the planet. During an event, we provide our customers the choice to select biodegradable, ecological or made with recycled materials gadgets.

Pens, USB sticks, water bottles, bags and notepads are therefore made of materials such as wood, bamboo fibres, cotton, recycled RPET plastic and similar.

In addition to maintaining a high level of practicality, these objects help spread a culture that respects the environment, underlining our company's commitment to reducing the consumption of polluting substances such as single-use plastic. For example during our last event we used disposable plates in cellulose pulp extracted from sugar cane, ideal for serving hot or cold first courses and wet or liquid foods. Cellulose resists liquids and is microwave-safe. After use it is possible to dispose of them in the organic waste or compost.

02. Eco-sustainable gadgets

Choosing to use eco-sustainable gadgets for your events does not mean depriving the merchandising of quality or design. Although these objects are made of biodegradable or recycled materials, they are in fact aesthetically refined and captivating, capable of attracting a large variety of audiences and often with a better design than normally available merchandising.

Thanks to the use of simple but impactful lines and great attention to detail, eco-friendly gadgets also manage to make the link between the image that the company wants to convey of itself and the quality of the gift even stronger.

When you organize your next events, therefore, consider the possibility of giving your participants eco-sustainable gadgets instead of the usual merchandise. In this way you will promote your company in a green and eco-sustainable way, distributing in the hands of your audience a memory of these experiences that is not only tangible but also respectful of the planet around us.

Used in the past events

Some Ideas

Some types of gadgets that we created during our past events