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Seven Sins

The seven deadly sins - pride, gluttony, avarice, wrath, lust, sloth and envy - have represented for centuries the ways in which man could give in to the temptations of the evil one, losing his soul and condemning himself to perpetual damnation. We wish better to call them “Vizi Capitali” and Welcome Mice Italy wants to create the DOC event specifically for you and your customers



Pride is the claim to deserve for oneself, by any means, an ever greater position of privilege with respect to others.

For a successful realization of your meeting, a little pride is needed, we will support you in all phases of the organization:
• Definition of the most suitable location for your client's needs
• Understanding of the Objectives to be achieved
• Technical, graphic and multimedia service for the realization of your meeting
• Dedicated staff in all planning, operational and accounting phases



The sin of gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins and occurs when the human being exceeds the right measure in dedicating himself to the pleasures of food and drink.

Italy is one of the largest countries in the world famous for made in Italy products, what better vice is that of gluttony! Welcome Mice Italy with its team with more than 30 years of experience will help you select the best culinary experiences throughout the territory for your customers:
• Charming farmhouses
• Cooking classes with starred chefs or at their homes
• Selection of the best cellars of fine wines
• Selection of the best catering for your events
• Creation of theme nights with typical products



Excessive restraint in spending.

Welcome Mice Italy will create the most suitable Event for you according to your Budget, because for a Company, spending one's money correctly is an increasingly concrete need, this does not affect the success of an event. Our team will provide you with complete budgets, where you will have the opportunity to choose from many options to make the trip you want. Prices are indicated for each individual service net for the customer, where we request an Agency Fee, in full transparency of the services offered:
• Budget day by bay
• Different options to choose from, to get the best out of your stay
• Dedicated staff available 24 hours a day
• Free and free upgrades



Altered emotional state.

Why not develop it from a positive point of view, this strong emotion Welcome Mice Italy wants to offer to its customers by providing all its experience and that of its partners during an event by proposing:
• Shows by artists using the 4 elements: water, earth, wind and fire
• Creation of a theme evening with entertainment
• Search for the perfect location to amaze your customers and leave them breathless



Is a vice understood as abandonment to one's passions or even to amusements of a generic nature, without the control of our reason and our morals.

Why not pay attention and indulge in your passions?
• Organization of masquerade evenings
• Organization of themed team building for your customers
• Privatization of noble palaces for your clients
• Privatization of romantic hotels for couples



Sloth is a torpor of the soul and of the mind, mixed with melancholy and boredom which does not allow one to act. Often, this vice is associated with Poverty, because it is caused by the inability to operate, and with old age because Sloth is a typical state of mind of this age.

There is no age limit to travel! Welcome Mice Italy attentive to every need will organize a "tailor-made" trip for your customers using its best partners:
• Airport and on-site assistance for every need
• Planning of personalized tours to make the trip a unique experience
• Supply of special transport for the elderly and people with disabilities
• Dedicated staff available 24 hours a day for your customer



Envy leads to excessive self-love.

Why not take some time for yourself in this hectic world that takes your breath away; We all need time and care for our body and soul! Welcome Mice Italy has a large portfolio of:
• Sea and mountain resorts
• Private villas throughout Italy
• Select spas
• Spa treatment centers throughout Italy
Take advantage of our experience too!